Revelations 5-20-18

For further study of Revelation 8:3 – 11:19
1. Read Exodus chapters 6-15, what similarities do you see between this section of Exodus and Revelation 8:3- 11:19?
2. What similarities do you find in the situation of the Israelite’s in Exodus and the Christians in Revelation?
3. With your Children, talk about how sin has consequence but through Jesus our sins are forgiven and those in Jesus are saved from these eternal consequences. This is a good time to explain that there are bad things in the world around us and God is making all things new and that he is in control.

For next week read Revelation 12:1-14:20
1. Who do you think the woman, dragon, first beast and second beast represent respectively?
2. What is expected of the Son the woman gives birth to?
3. What is the consequence of receiving the mark of the beast?